Wednesday, June 26, 2013

reflections of respect

I remember that 11th day of February so clearly... as if it were yesterday.
I was hanging out the window of my humble little clothing factory watching history unfold ... it was finally happening...
Nelson Mandela was free and was making his way to the city centre to address the nation.
And tonight that nation...together with millions around the world ... wait with baited breath and heavy heart to hear if he will have survived the night. He is 94; a stellar age for any individual but the passing of this particular one just seems so sad.
My eldest niece was a mere one year old when he walked to freedom. She is now a photo journalist and a month ago was beyond excited about the fact that she had been asked to shoot and write an article for her magazine in preparation for this very moment...the moment we lose the man that helped shape the history of Africa.
I remember thinking on that hot February day how our lives and more importantly how the lives of the future darling niece's generation were forever changed.

Hambe Gashle Tata

Friday, June 21, 2013

Honey...I'm home!

Moving right along...lets get this alphabet thang done and dusted....last stop was the letter R which if memory serves me is followed by essssssssssss.... so many to choose from but my go to would have to be....


This is a concept developed by my all time fave psychologist Carl Jung to describe a perceived meaningful coincidence.In his most famous description of synchronicity, Jung told a story about a man named Monsieur Deschamps and how Deschamps' neighbor, Monsieur de Fontgibu, once gave him plum pudding. In Paris ten years later, Deschamps orders plum pudding in a restaurant but discovers that the last serving was sold to de Fontgibu, who is unexpectedly in town and at that same restaurant. Years later, Deschamps is once again offered plum pudding at a social gathering. As Deschamps tells the gathering about the earlier coincidences, he is shocked to see de Fontgibu come in the door.
The generic definition sounds like....

... where I spent two wonderful weeks last year...sigh

Ubuntu (pronounced oo-BOON-too)is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'.

Vegetables and my continuing passion for growing them...did I realize how much I love Fennel??

W for wax...waxing lyrical jumps to immediate mind....simply because one could cry about the fact that there are just no good waxer/beautician type gals here on my island!! I was saying.... wax lyrical means to talk positively about someone or something.

The intransitive verb to wax is normally seen in the sense of increasing, as the moon waxes and wanes in its cycle. But to wax also means to become, to tend towards, to grow towards. One can wax indignant, or wax lyrical, or wax rapturous, meaning you become/tend to that state. The word is old, tracing back from the high German to the Greek. it needs to be it?


a fancy word meaning fear of foreigners and there seems to be a lot of it going round


...ya ya

Zebra stripes
...nothing quite defines my roots more than these striped lads
how's everyone doing?