Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I Want Thursday

"Things I Want Thursday" was started by Sass at Are You Sassified?. I forget how I happened upon her writing but I'm glad I did. I'm sure she knows how long I "lurked" there before finding the courage to comment.
I'm really not sure how all this button grabbing works; I'm sure one day I'll look back and laugh! In the meantime apologies for any inadvertant groping!
Scope is having a contest to get others to join in the Sass fun so here goes.....

  1. I want a cup of coffee RIGHT now
  2. I want that damned pesky dog next door to stop barking
  3. I want to learn to speak Portuguese
  4. I want to reconnect with old friends that I've neglected
  5. I want to pick all the apples I have growing here and have a go at making apple wine
  6. I want to remember to smile at regular intervals through the day
  7. I want all my little rose cuttings to sprout
  8. I want to try my hand at making fresh pasta
  9. I want to be able to live in one place for more than 6 months or 90 days at a time
  10. I want to be kinder to myself

Methinks that's more than enough for one week!

Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. Hey, thanks for playing. Nice list, and don't be a stranger.

    You are entered in the drawing.

  2. I love your list.

    Do you make wine? I've yet to try a homemade wine that I really liked...I'd love some tips.

    And kinder to yourself.


  3. I betcha if you set forth accomplishing all of those wants, you'd hit Number 6 no problem! :)

  4. Thanks for popping in Scope!

    Sass...I have NEVER made my own wine it,s just that I found a recipe for Apple Wine on Random Stacey's blog and I have trees full of Apples so thought to self...why the hell not give it a go
    Ms are so right!

  5. I want my blogger dashboard to keep up on people's posts so that I don't miss them! grrrr!

  6. Well She's probably so busy reading YOUR wonderful posts that she sees fit to be kind and conveniently forget to remind you :)

  7. I want Friday to get here, and quick!

  8. I want more than one post a week! hahaha! Just kidding!

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by to see me. Fun "I want" list. When I was a lad and made whiny demands, my Grandmother used to say to me - "I wanna hockey. I wanna pee. I wanna ride in a little red wagon." I still don't know what that "hockey" business was all about. Be well.

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  11. Wow! So you move every 6 months? That must be quite exciting! All the different places you have seen and different houses you have lived in ... that should make for some great posts :)