Sunday, October 10, 2010

auspicious dates

I know we have one of these days every year but this day in this year just seems to be more resonant than others....for me that is.
It is the sum of all the preceeding days since I last put finger to font.
It is a noteworthy date; an auspicious one.

Oh hell...I need to remind myself just what the hell auspicious means. Do you find yourself doing that? Using words all the time without acknowledging their actual meaning..

1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favourable
2. favoured by fortune; prosperous; fortunate
the use of auspicious to mean 'very special' (as in this auspicious occasion) should be avoided my usage is erroneous.
Agh ...what the hell

very spesh-uhl date...noted


  1. My ex's girlfriend calle dmy house a few months back because I had questioned my ex as to why her IP address kept showing up as reading my blog. Staulker...eeewww.

    She left me this message in which she kept using all these big $5 words (that's what my dad called them) and mispronounced and didn't use them correctly at all. She thought she sounded so intelligent but I kept the message to play every do often so I could laugh and laugh at what an idiot she made of herself.

    Too funny!

    I hope you have an extrmemly spesh-uhl day!!!

  2. I didn't do anything special for 10/10/10. I'll have to think of something for when 11/11/11 comes around.

  3. @f8...$5 words!! Brilliant!!

    @Jen...neither did I but the great thing is that there is always next year :)

  4. Now this made me laugh because I do indeed do that all the time with words. I think I have one that sounds perfect for the usage, then look it up and discover it has quite a different meaning.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog, today.

  5. Yes, I misuse words all the time, and I shudder to think of what I'm spouting out that's wrong and I don't even know it! I'm a writer, for christsakes, so you'd think I'd have a pretty decent vocabulary.

    But until recently, I thought "prolific" meant really skilled. A guy in my writers' group said he's a prolific writer and I was like, man, is he full of himself or what? Then I learned it means (hold on, I'd better look it up again)(okay, yeah) "abundant or highly fruitful" and it has nothing to do with actual quality or skill.

    I swear, I can be such an asshole. Now that's a word I'm quite sure of!

  6. i like this! my advantage (in this case it is an advantage) is that english isn't my first language, so this happens to me only in german that i use the words without thinking...

  7. Thanks for reminding me what it meant! Sometimes I say a word I've used 3 million times before in my life, but then it sounds like the first, awkward time. People are weird :)