Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday 160 - counting threads

A Sunday morning lie-in is a reminder.

Let people lie in the bed they made;

not out of spite or retribution

It’s how the grown-up world works.

It's time for coffee.

Monkey Man hosts the 160 Character Challenge




  1. oh yeah i could use some coffee as well...and you know sometimes the only way they learn is to let them lie...

  2. We have this family situation where I always say: "Let her lie in the bed she has made for herself." And somehow the family always gets angry with me saying that. Guess they should wake up and smell the coffee at some stage.

  3. relax as much as you can..

    My family are early birds, we are up by 8 all the time...

    thoughtful 160.

  4. Sitting here with my cup of coffee after having slept in a bit, just saying "Yup." Love your double meaning. Great Sunday 160 and thanks for playing.

  5. Somehow, I don't think this bed has been made, only slept in? LOL!

  6. Oh Yes -- it is so true.... although one of us had to get up and make the coffee while the other was lying in bed reading the paper on the lap top... nice Sunday 160,


  7. Yup.. it's sometimes tough but water does eventually find its own level no matter what one does so its kinder to just let things be...

  8. Ain't it the truth!

    And, it's always time for coffee.

  9. Tea not coffee for me, thanks!!

    I really like this, and I wish that my kids would realize that they have it made pretty good, I don't ask for a whole lot from them, and they act like I expect the world out of them.

    Great job on you Sunday 160. Today was my first shot at it, I made one mistake, but not a big one, I thought that we had to do ours on the same subject that Monkey Man mine is also on JUSTICE...oops, lol

    Have a great upcoming week.

    4 the LUV of SaNiTy

  10. Great 160 Possum. That is the best way to learn, but I like me a little lazy morning lie-in when I can grab em ;)