Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday 160 - so what is the norm?

I spent the whole day yesterday thinking it was Sunday; the first one that MM had not posted his 160.
And then the penny dropped.
So today was a complete bonus!
A dash of insomnia afforded me the chance to catch a Season 3 re-run of an episode from Gray's Anatomy. I just love those before during and after monologues that relate to the essence of each show, so my Sunday offering is 160 characters plucked from the original 411 (per kind favour of Meredith Gray)


We cling to our expectations because the expected is what keeps us steady; standing.

The expected is just the beginning.

The unexpected is what changes our lives.

Monkey Man . hosts the 160 Character Challenge


  1. Oh my this is so so wonderful. I wish so much to post in on my FB wall. Hmm Hmm please pretty please :P

    Ahh sorry to bother you but well thats how I felt as soon as i read this.

  2. Of course you can share the words!!
    I just morphed the original quote into the 160 characters anyway!

  3. That is so true. Walking is just a controlled fall. Walking forward is only a matter of leaning.

  4. and the unexpected is not always a bad thing...i live for it actually...

  5. That bottom photo is fantastic. Your 160.....reprintable, put on my mirror kinda stuff. Awesome. Thanks for adding your talent to the Sunday 160.

  6. "The unexpected is what changes our lives."

    So true. Love your 160!

  7. Oooohhh...awesome!! And so darned true too! I feel like quoting this one (all credits to you ofcourse)
    Simply superb!
    Here's my 160.. (for some reason, I was unable to submit this comment with my wordpress id thingie... grr.. the woes of technology! :))